Apr 06

New Voice For Politics Manifesto

by J. A. Gedra

When people enter into their adulthood they are eager to try and achieve great things. Unfortunately, too often they become demoralized as they look around at the status quo and think is that all. There is more and New Voice For Politics will show them what they can achieve. New writers will be welcome in a place where they can grow and develop their ideas about personal and economic freedom. This will be a hospitable home for those that grow weary of the failings that have come before and inspired by the hope of what could be.

This new haven will not be like the old stodgy halls of learning with their tiresome stuffy shirt people. It will be a place of merriment and thought. Readers will enjoy what they read. The learning process will have them laughing at the silliness of the status quo and ironic ineptitudes of the powerful state. We shall be court jesters; telling the harsh truth about government with a smile on our, and hopefully our readers, faces.

If one cannot laugh, they cannot be a writer for our cause. One must be free to laugh as one pursues the cause of liberty. Do not be mistaken by our mirth, we do not engage in frivolity for frivol sake; our cause is just. We wish to let every person be free. One person should not exert their will upon another that is doing no harm to them. If you wish to eat chocolate bars, instead of broccoli; eat to your stomach’s desire. No one should be able to lay a finger on your Butterfinger.

We will reach out to those entering into adulthood and meet them where they are. Highfaluting words will not be needlessly used to educate them about the cause of personal freedom. We will reference popular culture and make use of examples from their own life to reach them. Allegories about caves will not be employed to explain how the world really works; rather, what happened at Starbucks last night will be used to elucidate our audience.

Our goal is to inspire thought and laughter, bring young writers together, and increase individual and economic freedom.


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