Apr 06

Why We Need The New Voice For Politics

soap box nvfp smallest smallest smallestThose who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it. Those who fail to make history interesting are doomed to be ignored. If others are expected to listen to you, it is not enough to be correct, one must be interesting. If you are not able to grab a person’s attention, they will not grasp your ideas.

Politics, economics, history, psychology are all fascinating subjects. They study the motivation of human behavior and tell the story of the rise and fall of great civilizations. These subjects provide answers to questions: such as, how do policies that are supposed to help the poor end up end up hurting them; how can people claim to support personal liberty, while opposing the use alcohol and salt; and why are political speeches boring. People want to know the answers to these questions. Many college students eagerly enroll in social science classes, arrive early to these classes filled with anticipation, and then fall asleep halfway through class. What is the cause of this lethargy? It is not the message, it is the messenger.

If you want people to understand what you are saying you need to speak their language. The myth of Sisyphus might be a great way to explain that life is absurd to a graduate philosophy student, but to the average college student the concept can more effectively be communicated by asking if eight no talent twenty year-olds from the Jersey Shore having their own TV show makes any sense. A communicator needs to use the metaphors and imagery of their target audience in order to explain their message. This is why Jesus spoke in parables, instead of publishing in peer-reviewed academic journals.

Some people wonder why people under the age of 40 are not more involved in politics. A better question would be, how can anyone under the age of 40 watch 10 minutes of C-Span and still want to be involved in politics? People under the age of forty care deeply about finding a job, paying off their loans, buying a house, and a host of other economic issues. These are concerns that affect their lives, but they remain uninvolved for a reason, no one explains these concepts in a language that they can relate to. People under the age of 40 need a resource that speaks to them in their own voice.


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