Jun 03

We Need to Talk

We Need to Talk

by Mary Sullivan

Does the Federal Government know you? Sure they know your social security number, address, and income, but do they really know you? Do they know your career goals, dream house, favorite vacation destination, fears, or favorite ice cream flavor? The Federal Government is really not that in to you. They never call to see how you are doing. It is always about them: we need your money in taxes or you must obey this law or that. Why is it that they cannot relate? It might be that a bunch of bureaucrats residing in the cubicled catacombs of D.C. live in another world. Many politicians are simply too busy spending time with their wealthy donors and not enough time with young Americans. Where is our quality time?

The Federal Government is out of touch, but you know who is in touch with you and your friends, you. Yes, you are familiar with what is affecting you and your friends, and guess what, what is affecting you and your friends is also affecting tens, hundreds, and thousands of other Americans that are also going through what you are. You are not the only person that has finished college and is currently trying to get out from under a mountain of college loan debt, find one of those promised good paying jobs, locate an affordable place to live, and save some money. Where is the promised prosperity? Earth to D.C., the economy is not working.

I do not need to tell you about the countless issues that are affecting you, your friends, and countless other young adults today, because you are living it, but someone needs to tell Congress. One of the things that makes this country great is that citizens have the opportunity to improve this country. When the citizenry does not act our country is diminished. In order to maintain the great country that we enjoy today, people need to speak up.

Look at our past to predict the future. When people speak out, the country is made stronger. Due to good people pressuring Congress, many great things have occurred: such as, abolishing slavery, granting women the right to vote, ending tariffs, and permitting the consumption of alcohol.

Now, some might think I do not know all the answers; I should keep quiet. Do not be silly, a lack of knowledge has never stopped congress from acting. Also, you do not need to have an answer to point out a problem that needs to be addressed. An answer is just an added bonus.

Perhaps you feel that you would not like to inconvenience the Federal Government with your problems, but, as it was pointed out earlier, it is not just about you. You are not speaking out only for yourself. You are speaking out for your friends, family, and others in your generation that are silently suffering. It is time to bring an end to their torment. It is time to raise your voice. A new voice for politics must speak out.


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