Jul 28

1st Issue New Voice For Politics

1st Issue New Voice For Politics

In this Issue
Why We Need the New Voice For Politics– Describes how 18 to 40 year-olds are prevented from becoming involved in today’s political life.
New Voice For Politics Manifesto – Learn how the next generation can shape the political landscape through the New Voice For Politics Institute.
Friends Don’t Let Friends Borrow 16 Trillion Dollars – I want to help, but my limit is 15.9 trillion dollars.
We Need To Talk – Relationship advice for the government

Why We Need The New Voice For Politics

by J. A. Gedra

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Those who fail to make history interesting are doomed to be ignored. If others are expected to listen to you, it is not enough to be correct, one must be interesting. If you are not able to grab a person’s attention, they will not grasp your ideas.

Politics, economics, history, and psychology are all fascinating subjects. They study the motivation of human behavior and tell the story of the rise and fall of great civilizations. These subjects provide answers to questions: such as, how do policies that are supposed to help the poor end up hurting them; how can people claim to support personal liberty, while opposing the use of alcohol and salt; and why are political speeches boring. People want to know the answers to these questions. Many college students eagerly enroll in social science classes, arrive early for these classes, and then fall asleep halfway through class. What is the cause of this lethargy? It is not the message, it is the messenger.

If you want people to understand what you are saying, you need to speak their language. The myth of Sisyphus might be a great way to explain that life is absurd to a graduate philosophy student, but to the average college student the concept can more effectively be communicated by asking if eight no talent twenty year-olds from the Jersey Shore having their own TV show makes any sense. A communicator needs to use the metaphors and imagery of their target audience in order to explain their message. This is why Jesus spoke in parables, instead of publishing in peer-reviewed academic journals.

Some people wonder why people under the age of 40 are not more involved in politics. A better question might be, how can anyone under the age of 40 watch 10 minutes of C-Span and still want to be involved in politics? People under the age of forty care deeply about finding a job, paying off their loans, buying a house, and a host of other economic issues. These are personal and political concerns that affect their lives, but they remain uninvolved in politics for a reason, no one explains these concepts in a language that they can relate to. People under the age of 40 need a resource that speaks to them in their own voice.

New Voice For Politics Manifesto

by J. A. Gedra

When people enter into adulthood, they are eager to try and achieve great things. Unfortunately, too often they become demoralized as they look around at the status quo and ask is this it. No, the answer is no. There is more and New Voice For Politics will show them what they can achieve. New writers will be welcome in a place where they can grow and develop their ideas about personal and economic freedom. This will be a hospitable home for those that grow weary from the failings of what has come before and thirst for what could be.

This new haven will not be like the old stodgy halls of learning with their tiresome stuffy shirt people. It will be a place of merriment and thought. Readers will enjoy what they read. The learning process will have them laughing at the silliness of the status quo and ironic ineptitudes of the powerful state. We shall be court jesters; telling the harsh truths about government with smiles on the faces of both our writers and readers.

If one cannot laugh, they cannot be a writer for our cause. One must be free to laugh as one pursues the cause of liberty. A spectator should also not be mistaken by our mirth, for we do not engage in frivolity for frivol sake; our cause is just. We wish to let every person be free. One person should not exert their will upon another that is doing no harm to them. If you wish to eat chocolate bars, instead of broccoli; eat to your stomach’s desire. No one should be able to lay a finger on your Butterfinger.

We will reach out to those entering into adulthood and meet them where they are. Highfaluting words will not be needlessly used to educate them about the causes and benefits of personal freedom. We will reference popular culture and make use of examples from their own life to reach them. Allegories about caves will not be employed to explain how the world really works; rather, what happened at Starbucks last night will be used to elucidate our audience.

Our goal is to inspire thought and laughter, bring young writers together, and increase individual and economic freedom.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Spend 16 Trillion Dollars

by Lucas Porter

Should you lend your friend money for online gambling? Bob swears that he has this perfect system that no one has ever tried and we can all prosper from it. Bob is very persuasive and mentions all the possible ways that things would improve with more money. Another person turned Bob down, and Bob responded by calling them lame. You do not want to be considered lame, because you are a cool and happening person; so you lend Bob the money.

After a week, Bob returns and tells you that he needs to borrow additional money for online gambling. When you asked what happened to the previous investment you made, he blames a number of other people, outside forces, and the system that is designed to keep him down. Bob then goes on to ask you for additional money for his perfect plan, which has so far resulted in a loss of your previous loan. When you asked for your previous loan, Bob responds that with only a slightly larger investment he would be able to earn back the original amount of borrowed money, the money from this second loan, and a profit that would solve all of your problems. Bob’s persuasive charisma convinces you to provide him with a second loan.

A week later, Bob comes back and asks for additional money. This second failure is again not his fault; others were conspiring against him. Bob asks you as a friend to please provide him with another loan; if you do not, he threatens never to talk to you again. You would hate to lose his friendship and feel bad about his poor luck. After all, it is not fair that Bob has had such bad luck; perhaps, he suffers from a genetic disorder that causes him to be less lucky than you. Is it fair that you are born with more luck, while he struggles with his unlucky handicap? You just want to make things right by giving him a third loan.

Another week, another request; no longer to your surprise, Bob has returned demanding money that he desperately needs. After four weeks of asking you and other people for money, he now has a debt that is so large, it can never be paid back; unless, you provide him with more money. If only you lent him some more money, then he would be able to make all the money back.

Should you continue to lend to Bob? He is a nice person who has had some rather bad luck, which might be the result of some yet undiagnosed genetic disorder. It is not fair that he is an unskilled gambler. Would it not be cruel to turn your back on him in his hour of need?

Today, the United States Federal Government owes $16,000,000,000,000.00. Both the Congress and President of the United States of America are asking for additional money. They want to raise the amount of money that they can borrow, but should they be allowed to increase the amount of money that they can borrow. Every time Bob was allowed to borrow more money, he would quickly lose it and have little to show for it. Now the Federal Government is trying to be like Bob, but should we allow the Federal Government to have more money. It did not work out for Bob; he simply took our hard earned money and gambled it away. Should we allow the Federal Government to have more money or is it time to say enough is enough? It might be cruel in the short-term to not provide the Federal Government with additional money, but is it not crueler in the long-term to keep providing them with more money, which only puts them more and more in debt? It is hard to tell a friend that they have a spending problem, but sometimes we need to be honest with them. If we do not intervene and stop the enabling, their problems will only become worse. Friends that truly care do not let their friends borrow 16 trillion dollars.

We Need to Talk

by Mary Sullivan

Does the Federal Government know you? Sure they know your social security number, address, and income, but do they really know you? Do they know your career goals, dream house, favorite vacation destination, fears, or favorite ice cream flavor? The Federal Government is really not that in to you. They never call to see how you are doing. It is always about them: we need your money in taxes or you must obey this law or that. Why is it that they cannot relate? It might be that a bunch of bureaucrats residing in the cubicled catacombs of D.C. live in another world. Many politicians are simply too busy spending time with their wealthy donors and not enough time with young Americans. Where is our quality time?

The Federal Government is out of touch, but you know who is in touch with you and your friends, you. Yes, you are familiar with what is affecting you and your friends, and guess what, what is affecting you and your friends is also affecting tens, hundreds, and thousands of other Americans that are also going through what you are. You are not the only person that has finished college and is currently trying to get out from under a mountain of college loan debt, find one of those promised good paying jobs, locate an affordable place to live, and save some money. Where is the promised prosperity? Earth to D.C., the economy is not working.

I do not need to tell you about the countless issues that are affecting you, your friends, and countless other young adults today, because you are living it, but someone needs to tell Congress. One of the things that makes this country great is that citizens have the opportunity to improve this country. When the citizenry does not act our country is diminished. In order to maintain the great country that we enjoy today, people need to speak up.

Look at our past to predict the future. When people speak out, the country is made stronger. Due to good people pressuring Congress, many great things have occurred: such as, abolishing slavery, granting women the right to vote, ending tariffs, and permitting the consumption of alcohol.

Now, some might think I do not know all the answers; I should keep quiet. Do not be silly, a lack of knowledge has never stopped congress from acting. Also, you do not need to have an answer to point out a problem that needs to be addressed. An answer is just an added bonus.

Perhaps you feel that you would not like to inconvenience the Federal Government with your problems, but, as it was pointed out earlier, it is not just about you. You are not speaking out only for yourself. You are speaking out for your friends, family, and others in your generation that are silently suffering. It is time to bring an end to their torment. It is time to raise your voice. A new voice for politics must speak out.


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