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5th Issue New Voice For Politics

5th Issue New Voice For Politics

In this Issue
Would You Like Bankruptcy with That? – Is this the end of fast food as we know it?
Everything Costs in Large Amounts – Grabbing hands grab all that they can
Welfare Drug Testing: Pissing Taxpayers’ Money Down the Drain – Government cost savings program costs more than it saves.


Would You Like Bankruptcy With That?

By Dee Dee Benkie

Lately, there has been a clamoring among those folks serving up burgers and fries.  They want more money, $15 per hour for burger flipping. To be clear, I have nothing against people asking for a raise and firmly believe that all work is noble, when done well; however, let us keep things in perspective. For decades, fast food places have provided a great first job for young people looking to earn extra cash, work around their school schedules, and get some work experience. These establishments have also allowed elderly to leave the house, stay active, and supplement their retirement income.

Obviously, people should be paid for their work, but $15 per hour; give me a break.  That is way too much money for the amount of skill it requires to push a button on a soft drink machine or memorize the phrase, “You want fries with that?” Who would conceive that such a hefty wage should be paid for such work?

Apparently, unions believe that $15 per hour is only fair and have set out to convince fast food workers that their labor is worth this much money, because they simply exist. Some union supporters have even gone so far as to suggest that it is their right to earn such a sum. Apparently, people have the right to life, liberty, and $15 per hour.

Let’s be honest here for a moment; a fast food worker is an entry level position. If you work in fast food, chances are you will not be yachting on the weekends. It is a long hard road to the top. You will need to flip the burger, put in the time and hard work, take some additional classes, get a raise, prove your worth; work your way up the fast food chain to management and then you can make more money. Even the great economist Kanye West knows this, “This week he moppin’ floors, next week it’s the fries.”

America needs to wake up.  The give-me-my-taxpayer-funded-phone-and-food-stamps attitude does not work. Threatening to riot and holding up traffic with protest parades will not lead to larger paychecks. You need to earn your paycheck, not extort it. This is done by adding value to the company, not taking away from it. If a worker can increase productivity or decrease the cost of production, profits will ensue. When this occurs, by all means, the successful worker should be rewarded for the value that they have added by their work.

While this logic makes sense, the union bosses will not listen. They will continue to shout that companies are all evil corporations with Satan as their CEO. Union bosses will bloviate that workers should earn more, because McDonalds has the money. The bosses will tell their members to shout many things, but one thing you will not hear from their lips is the fact that most fast food restaurants are small businesses.  Regardless of whether it says McDonalds or Wendy’s on the sign out front; it is a franchise that is owned by some local entrepreneur trying to earn a living.  The restaurant business in general is difficult.  Over 90% of restaurants fail in the first year they open.  It takes a lot of hard work, investment, and dedication to be successful in the restaurant business. How many $.99 hamburgers do you think you have to sell to turn a profit?  Now run that number if you are paying the guy putting it together and shoving it through a drive through window $15 an hour!  You guessed it; prices will go WAY up, the number of customers will go WAY down, and the franchise will in turn hire less people, resulting in less employment for the community!  With an unemployment rate already at 7.4%, the economy and workforce cannot afford to lose any more jobs.


Grabbing hands grab all that they can.

Grabbing hands grab all that they can.

Everything Counts in Large


By William Schroder

Note: to enhance one’s reading enjoyment, please clickthis link to listen to the song the article is about while reading.

In the 1980s, mega pop stars Depeche Mode came up with the brilliant song “Everything Counts (In Large Amounts).” The song at the time was about the greed of corporate America. If a person listened to the song in the ‘80s, they would instantly think about greedy corporations, but for those listening to it for the first time in 2013, a different image comes to mind. The song is no longer about big business, but big government.

The song mentions quite clearly that “the graph on the wall tells the story of it all.” From 2008 on, the economy has been horrible. It does not matter what graph is placed upon the wall, they all stink: unemployment is high; ever increasing numbers of people are applying for disability and government aid because they cannot find a job; companies are hiring less full-time and more part-time workers; and students are graduating from college with no jobs, but plenty of debt.

How has the government responded to this economic woe? The government has, as mentioned in the song, used its “grabbing hands” to “grab all that they can.” They raise taxes on those in need, in order to have more money to spend on what they want. They also grab more power through regulations, which state what a person can or cannot do. According Penny Starr, over the past decade, the federal government has issued almost 38,000 new final rules, according to the draft of the 2011 annual report to Congress on federal regulations by the Office of Management and Budget. That brought the total at the end of 2011 to 169,301 pages.

Government officials will claim that they are not taking so much with their grabbing hands, but do not believe them. For as the song states, “everything counts in large amounts.” They will add a 1% sales tax on certain products, only raise the taxes on people in a specific tax bracket, and cut tax breaks for a few of their good friends to benefit themselves. All of these power grabs add up to a big gain for them and loss for everyone else.

How did we arrive at this point, where the government’s grabbing hands are all over our stuff? Simply put; we were duped “confidence taken in by . . . a grin.” Smooth politicians strolled into our lives and told us everything we wanted to hear. The slick politicians claimed they would help us and meet all of our needs; in return, all we needed to do is hand over our money and freedom.

Some might ask, how do we know that the government is not looking out for the little guy with all of their hand grabbing? If one has any doubt about the self-serving nature of government, simply observe how two variables continue to change: the size of government continues to grow, while citizens’ bank accounts continue to shrink. Government’s “grabbing hands grab all that they can, all for themselves.” To make matters worse, the number of grabbing hands continues to multiply and take more and more. In order to keep up with the new government healthcare system, the IRS will have to hire 6,700 new employees and seize $1 billion more of the citizens’ money. They cannot wait to get their greedy paws all over our pocketbooks.

While this does sound depressing and sleazy; we should not lose hope, the song hints of a way to liberate ourselves from government through the “competitive world.” Instead of turning towards the government, we need to turn to the competitive market. In a free market, companies will find a way to meet our needs. If some companies are unable to, then they will be replaced by another company that does an even better job. Less government grabbing and more competition will allow for more solutions and a better economy. People need to tell the government “don’t hand me no lines, and keep your hands to yourselves.”

drugs on the table smallerWelfare Drug Testing:

Pissing Taxpayer Money

Down the Drain

By Kate Sgouros

You want to know what really gets me worked up, misinformed people that feel compelled to misinform others!! You would think that they would know better, but then again, if they did, they would not be misinformed. More specifically, my ire is directed at those that espouse the belief that drug testing for welfare recipients is a good idea. Let us walk through this alleged, cost-saving scheme and examine how peeing in a cup results in money going down the toilet.

Drug testing is not cheap; pee cups do not grow on trees, the average state drug test costs $35 for each individual.   In 2011, Florida had to pay over $100K from its coffers to find out that 98% of those taking the test passed. In other words, the urine tests failed to cut costs.  The myth of welfare recipients spending their benefits on drugs is just that—a myth.  In Utah, only 12 people out of 466, or 2.5% showed evidence of drug use after a mandatory screening.  The total cost to the state was $25,000, or far more than the cost of providing benefits to a dozen people.  The worst case, by 2012, Arizona had shelled out $200 million in benefits and drug testing costs, and had saved only $560 by disqualifying the single drug user caught by the test.  If stopping waste and saving taxpayer money is your goal, then drug screenings fail the test.

Not only do these tests cost tax payers more, the fallibility of the test process is another issue that needs to be addressed. The media has shown us that there are various methods that drug users can utilize to cheat on drug tests.  On the other end of the spectrum, multiple healthy people have suffered the consequences of false positives for opiates after eating poppy seed pastries for breakfast. Don’t believe me? Snopes backs me up. If you still doubt me, Mythbusters has me covered.

Now, should a private company be allowed to use drug tests to screen applicants for a position? If the applicant knows ahead of time that they will be tested, a company has every right to ask for a test because they are not compelling a person to engage in drug testing. A private company cannot force a free person to do anything; applicants voluntarily apply for the job and have the option of giving or withholding their consent.  Also, private corporations are using their own funds for the tests, not taxpayer money; so if they want to waste it, they can go right ahead.

When it comes to the government, there is no choice in the matter. If you do not like what the government demands, there is no alternative government that you can turn to. The government can compel you by force to piss on command. I do not know about you, but this seems a bit intrusive.  Perhaps government overreach should not occur in the bathroom. Maybe the government should take a more hands-off approach. If you want the government out of YOUR bedroom, living room, wallet, and urine, than it should be out of everybody’s.  It is not cost effective and it is an invasion of all American’s privacy and liberties.


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