Jan 14

Featured Article of the Week – $15 per Hour Protestors Do Not Care About the Poor

$15 per Hour Protestors Do Not Care About the Poor

By Progressive Pete

Some people believe that the minimum wage is too low and should be raised to $15 per hour. At such a rate, a person working at McDonald’s would earn over $30,000 per year. Many believe that this humane “living wage” should be adopted to enable fast food workers to live more comfortably.

Naysayers have said nay to this idea, claiming that a person should not make a career out of fast food employment. Fast food work is seen as a temporary entry level position, which allows young people with no work experience or skills to gain both such things. After they have worked there, the fast food workers move on to better paying jobs because they now have skills and experience that make them more marketable. All parties gain from this arrangement: young employees gain experience and skills, employers acquire labor, and customers are able to purchase food at a low cost.

Balderdash is what protesters say to all of this poppycock talk about workers benefiting from low salaries. Protesters assert, “We want to help people have a higher quality of life; we do not care about customers or employers, it is all about the worker.”

Ironically, if one looks at things objectively, we see that protestors really do not care about the low income workers. A $15 per hour living wage will only earn a little over $30,000 a year. What can you buy with that? Plus, the government is going to take away a huge chunk in taxes.

If protestors really cared about the worker, they would plead for a “luxury wage.” All employees should earn at least $100 per hour. People need to realize that all workers have needs, and it is not fair that medical doctors earn more than someone who makes Big Macs. After all, both Big Mac makers and medical doctors save lives. Sure a doctor can save a person’s life by performing heart surgery, but if you have no food, you will starve to death. In fact, if you look at the numbers, more people eat Big Macs every day than have heart surgery; so technically, fast food workers should be paid more, because they save more lives than surgeons.

People also need to be more compassionate to fast food workers in the area of transportation. Many people are unaware that these hardworking people do not live at McDonald’s; rather, they must somehow go from where they live to where they work several days a week. Many have been forced against their will to take public transportation. Taking a bus is cruel and unusual punishment; it requires a person to wait outside for someone to drive them. For this reason, all fast food companies should buy each employee their own car. And not just any car; it should at the very least be a luxury car, because when they drive home, these workers have been on their feet for more than one hour and need the extra comfort that only a Jaguar or BMW can provide.

Employees also need to have a good night’s sleep if they are going to be productive. Fast food employers should help with this, because this benefits both the employer and the employee. Every McDonald’s’ employee should have their own McMansion if employers care at all about the dignity of others. Asking someone to live in an apartment or one bedroom house is like asking someone to live in a cave. What are we barbarians? People need McMansions to survive.

Some economists have opposed the adoption of a luxury salary. They have claimed that McDonald’s cannot pay every employee $100 per hour, but if they can pay a dozen executives such a salary, they should easily be able to pay 1.7 million employees the same. Economists also claim that raising the minimum wage will not decrease poverty. Such an increase supposedly fails, because employers cannot afford to pay workers the increased wages, which results in fewer jobs being available. Fewer jobs mean that less people are hired and more are laid off. Sure this makes sense logically and has been shown to occur in the past, but just because something has been shown to occur repeatedly in the past is no reason to believe it will happen again. We should be guided by our emotions and not logic or economic research. If it feels good, we should believe it.

We need to adopt the luxury wage today or people will die. If you disagree with me, than you are obviously a horrible monster.

If McDonald's cared


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