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Keeping Kentuckians Safe From Prosperity

Keeping Kentuckians Safe From Prosperity


By Holier than thou Hannah

In a previous issue of New Voice For Politics, another author suggested that gambling should be legal in Kentucky. Slot machines, card tables, and keno should all be allowed in Kentucky according to this other author, because casinos could provide jobs for individuals with a high school diploma or less. In exchange for these jobs, the citizens were supposed to accept the dangers posed by casinos; mainly, becoming addicted to gambling.

To be fair, not everyone who gambles will go broke, but there is a chance that some people will. One study estimated that 2.5% of the population will meet the criteria for pathological gambling at some point during their lifetime. Is it worth it for some to enjoy themselves at a slot machine, while others pay for it through addiction to the craps table? If only gambling was illegal throughout the United States as it is in Kentucky, then no one would ever be hurt by these damnable machines that lead to a poverty of the wallet and soul.

In reality, the lawmakers of Kentucky are not going far enough by prohibiting casinos in their state. They need to stop all gambling, they need to stop horse racing in Kentucky. Each year, horse tracks destroy men’s souls. Lawmakers have blinders on to the vileness of these stables of inequity. They are blinded by the tradition of horse racing and the easy tax money that they squeeze out of the poor saps at the horse tracks. Annually, it has been estimated that $3.5 billion dollars are generated by the horse breeding industry that employs 96,000 individuals in Kentucky when looking at the industry and supporting industries that support horse racing in the state. Undoubtedly, some will suffer by making horse racing illegal in Kentucky. Those who work in the barns breeding horses and on the tracks providing the horses with a place to race will lose their jobs, but their souls will be lighter after they leave these sleazy jobs.

Some will argue that when two individuals wish to both willfully engage in a financial transaction, for example gambling, they should be allowed to do so. This is nice in theory, but the reality is occasionally one of these parties might end up being hurt from the deal. In order to make sure that no one ever experiences any discomfort, a third person should be allowed to prevent two people from engaging in acts that they would like to do. This is why the government must stop people from doing things that they enjoy.

Based on this line of reasoning, Kentucky legislatures should ban several other dangerous industries besides gambling. For example, coal production should be prohibited. Even though many people enjoy inexpensive energy, the risk to the environment is too great. This is why people in California should be allowed to tell Kentucky energy producers that they should not be allowed to buy coal from Kentucky coal miners, because people in California know more about what Kentucky need than Kentuckians. This ban will be extremely devastating to the Appalachian Region of Kentucky where 31% of jobs are connected to the coal industry and 34% of the total earnings are the result of the coal production, but how hard can it be to find new jobs for nearly a third of their economy?

Finally, if Kentucky legislatures really cared about helping people, they would stop the production of bourbon. People around the world happily consume this excellent Kentucky product, but some drink too much of it. In order to keep those who drink too much safe, bourbon production should be made illegal. This will undoubtedly be disappointing for the nearly 10,000 individuals employed in this industry as well as to the tax payers who will likely miss the $125 million dollars they received each year from the industry, but they should experience some comfort by remembering how they are helping the minority of individuals that cannot drink alcohol responsibly. An additional benefit to the ban on bourbon will be that citizens of Kentucky shall be prevented from drowning their sorrows in bourbon, which will allow them to remain sad for extended periods of time.

Admittedly, destroying the horse, coal, and bourbon industries in Kentucky will most likely result in an economic depression and massive job loss, but on the other hand, the unemployed will have more free time to feel morally superior to citizens of other states with booming economies.

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