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If You Don’t Like It, Don’t Buy It: Little Girl T-Shirts Don’t Fit Everyone


If You Don’t Like It, Don’t Buy It:
Little Girl T-Shirts
Don’t Fit Everyone

by Denise Moe

Oh the horror of it all!

Girls’ graphic t-shirts are now sporting phrases like “I’m too pretty to do my homework so my brother did it” and checking off favorite subjects as shopping and dancing but leaving math unchecked.  There is also a popular “Allergic to Algebra” t-shirt.

This is causing feminists to go apoplectic and jump all over retailers like children on an inflatable bouncy castle. But is all this hysteria warranted? What is the big deal?  Personally, I would leave math unchecked, too. Does this make me a traitor to my gender?

According to the feminist PC Police, it is very very naughty for girls to be thought of as pretty instead of smart, but is it?  What is wrong with being beautiful?  What is wrong with a girl boasting about her cuteness?  Since when is it bad to be beautiful? Would it be preferable for young ladies to be obese and at risk for diabetes? Let us be honest, beautiful people always have it easier.  Trying to initiate some sort of boycott over celebrating beauty seems driven more by jealousy than by a legitimate discussion of girls’ experiences and attitudes towards math and science.

Additionally, who says a girl cannot be pretty and smart? Just because a person does not enjoy calculating the height of the hypotenuse, it does not mean they cannot. Smart people are capable of doing all sorts of things that they do not enjoy; although, if they are really smart, they find other people to do these things for them. It’s called outsourcing. Hmm . . . that probably explains the first t-shirt.

Furthermore, if people take a look at some of the graphic t-shirts made for boys, one might conclude that feminists are simply manufacturing a controversy.  While girls’ t-shirts show math unchecked, boys’ t-shirts are no better with recess checked as a boy’s favorite subject.  Other boys’ t-shirts feature skulls and praise video gaming skills.  Is that the image we want boys to model?  Slackers?  Gamers? Possible serial killers?

I think not.

But are all these shirts going to turn our little angels into whores and mass murderers? No, because they are cotton t-shirts, they do not have magical powers. However, if parents do not wish to risk their children turning into monsters from such attire, they can do something, refuse to purchase the t-shirt. A tween cannot don one of these t-shirts unless their parents buy it for them. Parents are able to veto what their children wear. If parents are offended by these shirts, do not purchase them. There is no reason to demonize retailers; they simply provide items people want to buy. If shoppers break into hives when they see “allergic to algebra” t-shirts, retailers will stop selling them.

To be clear, I am absolutely fine with t-shirts promoting love of academics and the arts, but someone must want to buy such a product. If parents do not buy pro-academic t-shirts or kids refuse to wear them, these shirts will not be available for very long.  Since many kids believe wearing an “I live for long division” t-shirt is uncool, it might be a while before such shirts are displayed at Forever 21. This is not because all retailers are sexist. This is about supply and demand. If customers do not want it, stores will not stock it.

Bottom line; if you do not like a t-shirt, do not buy it.  If you want your child to dress plain and simple, go ahead.  Just do not deprive cuties who embrace their inner Venus.

Plus, try to keep things in perspective, we are talking about t-shirts. Garments cannot control a wearer’s mind. If parents want their children to like math, they need to make it fun for their children. Do not rely on t-shirts to raise children.


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