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There Should Be a Law Against That!

There Should Be a Law Against That!

by J. A. Gedra

When the weather is nice, the pestilence returns annually to the Eastern Suburbs of Louisville Kentucky. They clog up the roads and increase the likelihood of accidents. Droves descend upon cars asking for money. When the traffic starts, they do not even get out of the road, drivers have to swerve to avoid them. Many erroneously believe that panhandling and walking down the middle of the street is a crime, but apparently it is only a crime if the panhandler keeps the money. If instead of being a homeless man, they are a rich woman wearing a pink tutu; it is legal to panhandle in the street as long as they give the money away. Every time drivers veer into other lanes to avoid theses human safety cones, they curse at this pestilence and yell, “There should be a law against this!”

There should be a law against this is a frequent cry of those who are fed up with those around them acting in a stupid, obnoxious, and reckless manner (i.e. like a moron). Many people believe writing a new law to mitigate each new annoyance makes sense; after all, we do not wish to have someone blasting their boom box on the bus, bankers failing to inform us of key criteria in a loan, people walking down the street with their shoes untied, or people taking pictures of themselves petting a tiger in New York. But where is the line drawn? When is enough, enough?

There are those who believe if a law helps one person, it is a good law, but this is a shortsighted way to view laws, because the law that helps one person will often hurt many more than it benefits. For example, many are appalled to discover that every year children are hurt playing middle and high school football. A few have concussions, others break a leg, and some simply have their feelings hurt. In the past, children were told to walk it off or rub some dirt on it, but others believe it is high time to embrace a new bill in the California Legislature banning physical contact in practice. Some even believe the bill should go further and ban all violent acts; after all, can our children be truly safe at school when they are viciously slapping each other’s hands in brutal games of patty cake? Without doubt, the bill in California takes away some risk of children being harmed, but it also takes away their opportunity to play the actual sport of football.

People should be careful with what they wish for. Being able to stop someone from acting in a way that bothers them can seem great, but when the tables are turned, things are not so great. For example, if a person enjoys drinking alcohol or large cups of Coke, speaking their mind, cheering for the Washington Redskins football team, or worshiping in a church of their choice, they better watch out. Others disapprove of these actions and are saying there should be a law against that.   


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