Dec 08

A Living Tax

hands out of my pocketsA Living Tax

Andrew Genesius

Most people do not have a problem with their employers giving them money. In fact, there have been very few complaints by employees about receiving money every paycheck. There are of course those who are dissatisfied with the amount they are paid, but they usually end up leaving their current job for a company that pays them a more satisfying figure. People may dislike the amount they are paid, but most employees enjoy the bargain of being paid for their work.

What has near universal hatred is the arrangement between citizens and their government. Every paycheck, the government takes money out of a person’s paycheck. It does not matter whether or not the government has provided a useful service to that individual, money is always seized from the person’s paycheck. The government does not care about a person’s preference for using their money for food, instead of starving. The government may claim to help, but most people only see the government claiming their money.

Many people receive a good amount of money from their employer, but then the government takes away so much, a person is unable to pay all their bills. If only the government was not so greedy. If only the government cared about the poor.

The time for change has come. No more can people tolerate the plundering of their paychecks by pilfering politicians. It is time for a living tax. People should not have to pay more than 15% of their income to the government. Local, state, and federal taxes should never be allowed to seize more than 15% of a person’s paycheck. If people were allowed to keep 85% of their paycheck, they would not have to live lives of despair and desperation. Politicians need to stop taking from those in need. We are only asking for a just tax system. Those who believe in social justice should support a living tax of 15%.

Some have argued for a living wage to help those in need, but a living wage will not help those in need if the government does not have a living tax. A mandatory increase in what companies have to pay their workers will not help the workers, because the government will also increase what it takes from workers. Workers do not need to take more away from corporations; they need the government to take less from them.

A few might complain that the government will not be able to do as much with less money, but is this necessarily a bad thing. If the government cannot live within it means, maybe it should cut its spending and learn to live on a budget. After all, does it make more sense for a single mother to go without or the government?

No one has a problem with big corporations providing their workers with money. We all have a problem with big government taking our money. Politicians need to be brave and speak up for the individual’s right to keep the money they have earned. They need to fight for people to have the ability to use their money to feed their family and pay for their housing. It is time for a living tax.


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