Jan 23

Time to End Job Inequality

Time to End Job Inequality

Progressive Pete

Dr. DudeMany people complain today about inequality in pay, but this is not the real problem. The true tragedy is an inequality of jobs. For too long, only certain people have been allowed to do certain jobs. Who cares about people receiving the same pay in a single profession, when the majority of the population is banned from even being able to apply for many jobs?

People complain that 1% of Americans hold a huge amount of money, but no one seems concerned that only 1% of Americans are allowed to even apply for many jobs. If every American is not able to hold every available job, there can be no justice. Complaining about equal pay before even having the job seems premature at best.

At this time, less than 2,000,000 Americans are allowed to apply for a job as a medical doctor, fewer than 700,000 are permitted to fly planes, and even less are allowed to conduct research with dolphins. How can people sleep while this massive discrimination is going on? Where are the riots? Why are cars not burning?

Prejudice haters will justify their biases with arguments that people need certain skills to do specific jobs, but such a policy would discriminate between those who can perform a task and those who cannot. Such intolerance is simply not tolerable. A lover of pretty fishys should not be discriminated against because they lack a doctoral degree in dolpinology. If people want to play with dolphins, they should be allowed to play with dolphins!

Having required knowledge and skills should never be a prerequisite for doing something; otherwise, no laws would ever be passed by Congress. If a person’s heart is in the right place, they should be allowed to operate on another person’s heart, even if they are not exactly sure where it is located. Otherwise, we will devolve into an uncaring callous society where only those who know how to do things will be allowed to act.

We should be more open minded and enlightened. Hiring decisions should not be made on the basis of arbitrary things like ability or experience. If a person wants to fly a plane, they should not be bound to the earth by those who do not believe in them.

In order to live in a socially just society, we need to end job discrimination and embrace the “If you can dream it, You Can Do It” Plan. Under this scheme, the only deciding factor of whether a person is hired or not is their desire to do the job. If a person wants it, they can have it.

Undoubtedly, this new utopia will create more lion tamers, astronauts, and dolphinologists than we need, but this will not be a problem. The glut in certain fields will be alleviated by limiting each person to only one year in any one profession. This will allow people to pursue multiple dreams and allow for a fresh perspective from people who have never worked in their new field before. Today’s astronauts will be tomorrow’s garbage man.

Some small minded simpletons have suggested that the “If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It” plan is reckless, because experience and knowledge are valued by these fools. They have even proposed that the more experience a person has the better they will be in performing their job, which would result in a better product and happier customers. Such thinking is heretical and should never be permitted, because who cares about what customers want. Who do these customers think they are to determine who is hired to perform a task they are paying money for? By this logic, a person who is very skilled at heart surgery should be paid more than a person who does not know how to hold a scalpel.

A world based on such reason would be horrible. If we paid people based on ability, it would lead to people trying harder to do a better job. Workers might practice more and learn new techniques to make safer, cheaper, and higher quality products. We should not live in such a hellish world where one worker is paid more than another. Everyone should be paid the same and be allowed to do whatever job they want irrespective of skill or ability if we are to live in a fair world governed by social justice.


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