Mar 10

Same Old Song & Dance: Bush & Clinton

Same Old Song & Dance: Bush & Clinton

Ally Silver

Each summer, the same thing happens. The sun is in the air, the car windows are rolled down, and the radio is turned up as we drive down the road with our friends. Everything in the world seems to be wonderful when all of a sudden it happens; the most astounding melody transcends the airwaves and hits our eardrums in such a way that time stands still. We are captivated, unable to escape from the beauty of the moment, as we hear “the song of the summer”, the song that makes everything right in the world, fills our hearts with joy, and makes us want to cry.

For the next ten times the song is aired, it is still as beautiful, magic remains in the air, and our soul is transcended to another plane of eternal euphoria. This goes on for a few days, but after hearing the same song 100 times in one week, the gold starts to lose its glitter. After two weeks and 500 listens, listeners’ ears begin to bleed when they hear what used to be a dope melody.

This same pattern occurs every year like fall follows summer. At first, everyone is all About the Bass, but by the end, we are craving treble. Collectively, we hope and pray that when Chumbawamba Gets Knocked Down, they will not get back up again. Listeners yearn for rain, in order to steal Len’s Sunshine. By the end, we are in accord with Twisted Sister, “We’re Not Going to Take It Anymore.”

All pop songs, with the exception of Duran Duran’s music, have a very limited shelf life. At first, we are Hungry Like the Wolf for the song and worship it like a New Religion, but by the end we want our Chauffeur to drive us toward some distant land, like Rio, in order to never hear it again.

After a time, things get old. All party hosts agree, the most engaging and beguiling of dinner guests lose their charm when they fail to make a timely exit. Listening to the same stories and ideas from the same person becomes dull, uninteresting, and downright boorish over time.

In politics, there are two families who have crashed their political parties and refused to leave, the Bush and Clinton families. They continue to come to the same political party with the same old stale ideas, which have led to a never ending war and a dismal economy. They show no embarrassment by their clans’ actions; rather, they walk into the place with a sense of presumptive entitlement, as if they were the Queen of Sheba.

Neither family brings a new idea about how to improve the country. Instead, they both rehash the same message they had in the ‘90s; big government is the solution to everything. Bush blabbers on about common core leaving no child behind and the necessity of invading a number of countries, while Clinton claims a single-payer, universal, government-run health care scheme is the only way to help the sick. People have had enough of both families’ shenanigans and are leaving the political parties in droves because they do not want to attend a party with such abhorrent guests.

If people are going to attend either political party, new guests of honor need to be invited; Clintons and Bushes are not going to cut it. The argument they both put forth of a strong central government to control the lives of American citizens, because they cannot take care of themselves, is no longer going to fly. People want to have control over their own lives. They want new options.

People are not going to listen to the same old pop songs and politicians from the ‘90s. Right Said Fred and Aqua are not going to be making comebacks with their songs, I’m too Sexy and Barbie Girl. They had their moment, but the bands failed, because, after a while, their sound was found to be lacking. The Bushes and Clintons are in the same position now. They had their time and proved beyond a reasonable doubt that their ideas do not work. The Federal Government cannot take care of everyone. It is time for a different approach. A different guest who supports smaller government and personal liberty should be the guest of honor if voters are going to be enticed into turning out for the next political party.


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