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22nd Issue New Voice For Politics

22nd New Voice For Politics


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I Know I Cheated On You, But I Still Want the Goodies You Promised
Greece wants to have their cake and the EU’s cake too

The Confederate Flag, Gay Marriage, and Christianity Need to be Banned
All offensive things need to go

The Gateway Drug to Politics
It all starts with a little grass roots and fun



having both on a benchI Know I Cheated On You, but I Still Want the Goodies You Promised

Andrew Genesius

My friend is not a wise man. He is a sensual soul who often follows his heart, rather than his head. This has recently led him into a very compromising position when he broke his vow to be faithful. Suffice it to say, the other vow holder was not amused by his amusements.

Most men being caught in blatant violation of their promise, would beg for forgiveness, throw themselves on the floor, and promise it would never happen again. My friend decided to take a different approach. He said he enjoyed what he was doing, had no intention to stop cheating, and expected his partner to continue to faithfully give him all the goodies that were originally promised to him. The unfaithful cad expected fidelity from his partner while he engaged in infidelity.

Most readers would be appalled by such cavalier and brazen behavior, which is exactly how Germany felt when my friend Greece demanded that more money be loaned to them; even though, Greece had not followed their previous commitments with the European Union (EU) to make necessary spending cuts and loan repayments. Greece wanted to be unfaithful to their vow of paying back Germany and the rest of the EU; while at the same time, they requested the EU to lend them more money. Greece wants to eat their cake and the EU’s cake too.

After being spurned by Greece, Germany, the primary lender to Greece in the EU, is a bit bitter, but they are willing to put the past behind them and work on their relationship with Greece. All Germany asks is that Greece stop spending money they do not have; do not buy a Lamborghini when one cannot afford a Fiat.

The majority of Greek citizens respond to Germany’s request with a resounding no and a little bit of rioting. Most Greeks refuse to make any significant spending cuts. They claim Germany is being unfair and mean. Such austerity is simply too much, cry the people of Greece, but is their claim of cruelty credible?  Is Germany being heartless with their demands, are they seeking revenge as a jilted lover, or is Germany just being honest with a friend who has a serious self-control issue?

A simple look at Greece’s checkbook allows one to see that Greece does have a few problems with fiscal restraint. The Greek retirement age is one such example. People are entering into the retirement pension system too early and leaving too late. In Greece, worker can retire at age 45, and over 200,000 deceased Greeks continue to receive pensions after their death. This is a significant problem with Greece’s aging population, because there are now only four workers for every three pensioners. This has resulted in over half of the pension coming directly from the state budget. Such a system is completely unsustainable. Cuts in spending have to be made if Greece is ever to recover, but the Greek people, living and dead, prefer to continue digging a deeper hole by maintaining their generous benefits.

Greece’s plan is to continue to spend, continue to borrow, and not repay Germany, which is an incredibly stupid plan. First, Germany and the rest of the EU will not provide them with money indefinitely. When the loan money runs out, Greece is going to be in an even bigger hole than when they started if they do not stop their out of control spending. Second, stiffing Germany with the bill is not a wise move. Germany started World War I and II and could easily crush Greece without batting an eye. If you are not going to pay a country back, pick Switzerland, but not Germany. If the Swiss are mad at you, your country goes without chocolates and watches. If Germany is mad at you, they invade your country.

Greece is asking for the moon and offering bubkis in return. Greek politicians are starting to come around to the reality that austerity must occur, but many of the Greek people need to come to this realization as well. The socialist policies in Greece have led to debt and despair. The Greek people need to spend less or at least start paying their taxes.


gay battle flagThe Confederate Flag, Gay Marriage, & Christianity Need to be Banned

Demetreus Johnson

As a gay black man, my life has been full of ups and downs lately. The political events of this past year have put me on a roller coaster of emotions, and my head is still spinning. There was the sudden realization by everyone 154 years after the founding of the confederacy that the confederate flag is considered by some Americans to be racist; especially by, a surprising number of African Americans. Then there was the legalization of gay marriage, which allows all gay people to marry, fall out of love, and have a horribly bitter divorce. Some might believe we have reached the promised land of equality, but in reality, we are still in the desert of intolerance and hate with police killing black men in Ferguson.

How do I feel about all of this? In a word, offended. My dreams have been crushed, ego has been deflated, and I feel a little verklempt. I have reached my limit, and I am not going to take it anymore, because no one should ever be offended. Everyone should work together to prevent people from experiencing the trauma of wounding words and offensive objects.

When I see the Confederate flag, I take offense, exception, and great umbrage at this transgression of my emotions. Not everyone finds the flag to be a symbol of hate, but that does not matter. If even one person is put off by an object, it should be banned, burned, destroyed, and obliterated; otherwise, feelings of unease could start to permeate throughout all of our society, and we do not want that, now do we?

To be fair, while I am exceedingly thrilled and a bit giddy by the Supreme Court’s new law, which makes gay marriage legal, I know there are some Christians who are not exactly stoked about the whole two men being married thing. A few Christians have even gone as far as to claim that gay marriage is a sign of the apocalypse, which is simply ridiculous. I can say with absolute certainty that the end times will not consist of the four horsemen: war, death, pestilence, and gay marriage. The forth horseman will not be two fabulous gay men in sequence white outfits riding bareback together as Cher’s greatest hits are playing in the background.

But despite our differences in the interpretation of the Book of Revelations, I am concerned by their concern about gay marriage, because I do not want anyone to ever feel uncomfortable. For this reason, I am calling for an end to gay marriage, because no one should ever be offended.

It should be noted that while the confederate flag and gay marriage are big issues in the United States, there are many other objects and objectionable acts offending people around the globe that need to be addressed. We need to act as citizens of the planet earth to ensure that no one on the globe is ever offended. The primary directive of every government should be to offend no one.

Sadly, if we are going to be completely honest with ourselves, we have to admit that the United States as a Christian nation has fallen short of this standard. Many Muslims have been offended by the Unites States; particularly, ISIS. Many followers of ISIS have been so irked, they have murdered countless Christians. Clearly, Christian Americans have to do something to make amends for their indiscretions; after all, ISIS would not go around chopping off heads for no good reason.

While many agree with my no offense mandate, some disagree and even take offense to my no offense decree. They point out that it is impossible to not offend someone when they act, because there are over 7 billion people on the planet. If we had to gain consent from everyone before an action occurred, nothing would ever be accomplished. We would all starve to death, because the human race would be unable to identify a food to eat that was not offensive to someone: pork is offensive to Jews and Muslims, meat disagrees with Vegans, and lima beans are offensive to children.

The alternative of course to my no offense offensive is to require people to be tolerant. We would have to accept diversity. Everyone would have to agree that it is not a crime to offend another person. We would need to realize that it is dangerous to compel others to act the way we wish, because it would take away other people’s freedom as well as our own.

Such musings about tolerance by other insensitive souls are all well and good, but as a gay black man, I do not approve of tolerance for diversity. I hold fast to the belief that the confederate flag, gay marriage, and Christianity are all offensive to someone and have to go. If a reader disagrees with me, I will label them offense, and they will have to go too.


we want youThe Gateway Drug to Politics

Andrew Genesius

Ask most people if they would like to be involved in politics, and they will look at you as if you have a hole in your head. Most people would rather be swaddled in a blanket infected with small pox than be embraced by a politician. The majority of people do not want to be involved with politics, because no one wants to be involved with politicians. When people think of politicians, they think of slimy, underhanded shysters who are more likely to sell a person snake oil than a solution to what ails the United States.

Due to the dirty dealings of more than a few double-dealing politicians, most civic minded people with integrity want nothing to do with politics. They would rather throw a mongoose down their trousers than associate with politicians. Both political parties have stigmatized politics to the point that the average person would not touch anything political with a thirty-nine and a half foot pole. They would rather be put in a boat with a seasick crocodile than a room full of politicians.

With such animosity, how can a person with curiosity about the political process find a way to improve the lives of their family, friends, and neighbors? Everyone wants to make the world a better place, but not everyone wants to hang out with a perceived rogues’ gallery of politicians to do it.

Political groups have a serious problem. People care about political issues (i.e. education, healthcare, unemployment), but they do not want to be involved with political organizations. This is a serious conundrum for political organizations, and they have no answer for this glaring question: how can they help people overcome their revulsion towards political parties, in order for them to join their organization?

The answer is marijuana. Not the drug per se, but they need to have a gateway group that leads to the harder stuff. If the average person attended the local Republican or Democrat meeting, they would say no way Jose to politics. They would be bored by the details of policies no one really cares about, appalled by the infighting of who is allowed to be on which committee, and shunned by those who believe every new member is a threat to their position as assistant chair to the refreshment committee for the summer picnic. What is needed is a group who will allow people to stick their toes in the political water; instead of being thrown into the middle of the deep end to be eaten alive by political piranhas.

The Louisville River City Republicans is a perfect example of how a group can provide an on-ramp to the political freeway system. When a person is by themselves, it can be hard to merge into the political landscape. New people do not know who they should talk to about the issues that are important to them. The Louisville River City Republicans solves this problem by providing a friendly, fun atmosphere for people at all levels of political experience to come together and network. There are no people grasping for power, because the whole point of the group is to connect people with other like-minded people. This networking group helps to orient people who are new to politics in a way that is similar to how new college students learn about fraternities and sororities on campus, except without the hazing.

The other unique thing the group does to be successful is to make politics fun. The Louisville River City Republicans are not made up of octogenarians whose idea of a hot night out on the town is heading over to Denny’s for the early bird special before turning in for the night at 7pm. This group is not your grandparents Republican Party. It is for the young who have energy, enthusiasm, and excitement. The focus is on enjoying oneself while making a difference. They firmly believe that improving society should not be like a trip to the dentist’s office.

The approach of the Louisville River City Republicans is not something that is unique to Republicans.  Their method could be adapted by the Democratic, Libertarian, and Green parties who often forget that the second part of their organization’s name is party. Politics does not have to drab, dull, and boring. It can be fun, exciting, and sociable. The key is to have a fun process that will allow new people to join the political fraternity.


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