Mar 21

Bernie Sanders “Saves” College

Majoring in debt

Bernie Sanders “Saves” College

Molly Roberts

College tuition is too damn high! This is a fact that Republicans, Democrats, and Socialists agree on. Republican State Senator Dan Seum is currently trying to fix the problem by requiring all state colleges in Kentucky to have a four year freeze on tuition increases, which would require colleges to actually live within their means. Many people might believe this is a good idea, but this hardly seems fair. Why should only Kentucky schools spend what they can afford when every other state spends as much money as they want?

Bernie Sanders, avowed socialist and my personal hero/savior, has a more superbly awesome approach, free college for everyone. Under Republican plans, people still have to pay for what they use and meet academic criteria to be accepted in to college, which is completely unfair. After all, if you have water, and I am thirsty, it would be selfish of you to not give me the water for free. Are other people so focused on stuff that they cannot give me the stuff that I want?

College is a good thing that people want. If people want it, they should have it. No one should ever be told no. But this is exactly what happens all the time. People are told they cannot go to college because they do not have enough money, are not a good enough athlete, or are not smart enough. All of these barriers need to be overcome if we are to live in a socially just society.

If college is free, no one will be held back due to a lack of money. This is the only fair way to do things, because people cannot help how much money they have. Some people have more money than others, which is totally unfair. Why should one person who works make more money than another, when both people are human beings? Even if a person does not work, should they receive less money? Not everyone is blessed with a work ethic. Should a person who is not motivated to work be punished?

College sports are another area that is filled with discrimination and unfairness. Most college teams require people to try out for their team. They subject applicants to demeaning exercises and then judge them by how they performed against each other. After this hazing, coaches do not even let everyone join the team, and the ones who make the cut are not even guaranteed playing time. A more barbaric system could not be imagined.

In order to fix college sports, we need to sprinkle some Bernie Sanders’ magic on these collegiate activities. For starters, everyone should be starters on the team. This can be achieved by increasing the number of players on the field. If a team has 500 men and women on the men’s basketball team, they should all be on the court at the start of the game. Some basketball courts might have to be increased in size to accommodate the new accepting atmosphere of college basketball, but it is really the only fair thing to do.

Some might be concerned that the games will be lopsided when there are 12,500 players on the floor for the University of Kentucky team and only 3,650 come out to play for the Xavier University squad, but this will not be a problem, because the final score will not matter. From now on, every game will end in a draw, because a tie is really the only fair way to end a game when all players are not born with the same basketball skills. If the more athletic team was allowed to win, than some people might feel that they were better than others, which is of course wrong, because we are all equal; even the players who are not as good as the others.

Finally, we will need to end the most severe discrimination that has been going on for years in college, intelligence. For years, colleges have been discriminating against individuals by only allowing “smart” people to attend college. Applicants needed to have a high school diploma, a certain score on the ACT or SAT, or an IQ above 70. A more severe form of segregation has not occurred since African Americans were not allowed to attend the white movie theaters. If a person has been diagnosed with an intellectual disability, formerly known as mental retardation, they should not be prevented from going to college and earning a degree. A lack of understanding of what is going on in a course should not prevent a person from attending or passing a class. Simply showing up or thinking about showing up, should be enough to pass the class. Entrance criteria and grades should be done away with, since they create the impression that some people know more than others.

Bernie Sanders has shown us the way to prosperity and happiness. Everyone should be allowed to do whatever they want for free and believe what they did was great, even if it was not. As Bernie Sanders demonstrated with economics, ignorance of a subject should not prevent a person from being an expert on the subject.


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