How to Submit

New Voice For Politics (NVFP) is a community of writer, artists, and … dedicated to educating individuals between 18 to 40 about economics and politics. If you are interested in contributing to NVFP, this is how you can become involved.

All submissions of original work can be sent to

Review Process

NVFP’s editorial staff will review your submissions and work with you to create the best possible product. Do not worry if you have never done anything like this before, our community is patient and understanding.

Submission Guidelines

The following guidelines are here to help provide contributors with some guidance:

1) Submissions Should be fun. There are a plethora of boring and needlessly pedantic articles out there about economics and politics. We will not add to that list. All articles should have a bit of mirth and merriment. A little wit and dash of sarcasm does not hurt.

2) Target audience of 18 to 40 year olds. The point of this community is to educate this demographic. Contributors should use cultural references that 18 to 40 year olds can relate to and understand.

3) Do not talk about politicians. Many articles about politics denigrate into name calling and mud slinging. Politicians and political parties will not be named in contributions. Political issues that are being discussed should be written about, but do not attribute the issue to a particular party or person.

4) Do not talk about social issues. This is an economic and political forum. There are many other organizations where people can write about abortion, prayer in school, transgender awareness, and a variety of other social issues. NVFP’s is not the place to write about such issues. If you are not sure if the topic is appropriate, email the editors at and we will provide clarification.

5) Length of submissions. NVFP is a place where short essays can be published, 2,500 words maximum.


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