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22nd New Voice For Politics

In this Issue

I Know I Cheated On You, But I Still Want the Goodies You Promised
Greece wants to have their cake and the EU’s cake too

The Confederate Flag, Gay Marriage, and Christianity Need to be Banned
All offensive things need to go

The Gateway Drug to Politics
It all starts with a little grass roots and fun


Special Issue: Close College Friends Say Hal Heiner is an Alien


21st Issue New Voice For Politics

In this Issue

Zombies & Taxes: You Cannot Escape Them    They will consume everything

Animal Farm: Review of a Progressive Income Restaurant    Dining from the food’s perspective; What do we owe?

Louisville Socialists at the Free Market   Spreading socialism in Louisville


20th Issue New Voice For Politics

In this Issue

Kentucky to Reinstate Slavery with Right to Work Laws Becoming a slave to the grind

I Ain’t Got No Body Leasing one’s body from the government

Same Old Song & Dance: Bush & Clinton One hit wonders keep releasing more albums


19th Issue New Voice For Politics

In this Issue

Is Nickelback Right? Are We on the Edge of a Revolution? Can Nickelback foresee the future of Canada?

Time to End Job Inequality We cannot have income equality until we have job equality.

It is Impossible to Regulate Good Behavior It is possible for the Kentucky Legislature to make things worse once again.


18th Issue New Voice For Politics

In this Issue

A Living Tax A Living Wage is useless without a Living Tax.

You Cannot Afford to Be Stupid Those who do not pay attention end up paying more money.


17th Issue New Voice For Politics

In this Issue

If You Build It, They Will Bike: The Mayor of Louisville’s Field of Dreams First bikes, next horses; the Mayor of Louisville’s waste of public resources.

Corporate Inversions: It is Time to Stop Blaming the Victim  It is time to break the cycle of abuse.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Invade Other Countries The U.S. needs to deal with its Iraq problem.


16th Issue New Voice For Politics

In this Issue

The Rise of the Libertarians Is it time to say hasta la vista to the two-party system

If Only the Poor Could Hold Themselves Back  Say no to the marshmallow and success will follow

Operation Whitesnake: The Next Iraq Invasion Going down the only road we’ve ever known


15th Issue New Voice For Politics

In this Issue

Put Your Hands in the Air and Step Away From the Shampoo It is time to rinse the impurities out of the shampoo industry

The Government is Going to Pump You Up  Government helping to raise unemployment and gas prices in Somerset Kentucky

End Illegal Immigration by Ending Welfare and Legalizing Drugs Combining liberal and conservatives proposals to fix the United States’ broken borders


14th Issue New Voice For Politics

In this Issue

There Should Be a Law Against That! Should laws prevent people from acting like idiots?

We Are All Going to Die and This Time I Mean It  Experts predict we are all going to die again.

My Employer Needs to Pay for My Bikram Yoga It is time for my company to make amends for their sins.


13th Issue New Voice For Politics

In this Issue

A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Politics Go Down If you want people to listen to you, do not be a jerk

If You Don’t Like It, Don’t Buy It: Little Girls’ T-Shirts Don’t Fit Everyone  T-Shirts will not turn your children into monsters

Making the Internet Taste Like New Coke How the government will ruin the internet


12th Issue – New Voice For Politics

In this Issue

Have Another Round: The Solution to College’s Drinking Problem If you want less binge drinking, you need to drink more.

Why You Will Pay Me $20 for Bottled Water Satisfying the thirst of wild beasts.

Ice Cream Death Spiral It can only go down from here


11th Issue – New Voice For Politics

In this Issue

When the Children Cry, the Government Must Answer Only the government can solve this crisis and save the day

Government Gun Control Why it is necessary to take weapons away from those who cannot handle the responsibility

Why are Young People Not Involved in Politics? A case study of failure


10th Issue New Voice For Politics

In this Issue

Share the Love – Do not be greedy, it is time to redistribute the love; it is only fair.

Keeping Kentuckians Safe From Prosperity – Taking the moral high road away from job creation.

If Only Companies Did Not Make So Much Money, Wouldn’t that be Swell? – Golly gee it would.


9th Issue New Voice For Politics

In this Issue

Busting Through Our Shackles – Young MC holds the key to busting out of poverty.

No is Not an Option: You Must Join – Everyone on campus must join the sisterhood, because we know what is best for you.

Best Bet to End Poverty in Kentucky: Legalize Gaming – How casinos create opportunity for those in poverty.


8th Issue New Voice For Politics

In this Issue

Depleted and Desolate Detroit: What Happened? – How a once great city became a great big mess. A warning to other cities.

Progressives’ New Year Resolution: To Increase Revenue – How Progressive treatment for an unbalanced budget can be worse than the disease.

$15 per Hour Protestors Do Not Care About the Poor – Finally, a plan that will “truly” help the poor.


7th Issue New Voice For Politics

In this Issue
Freedom From What: Responsibility or Tyranny? – Is it better to be able to act free from hindrance or be free from responsibility?

Carried Away with National Defense? – Is defense spending helping to keep us safe or causing our economy to go down with the ship?


6th Issue New Voice For Politics

The Utilitarian Issue – The greatest articles for the greatest number of readers

In this Issue
Why Little Jimmy is Against the Greater Good – What makes a little kid hate a “good” idea
The Greater Good is Not Good for You – Why you need to take one for the team
Imagine a World without Utilitarianism: It’s Easy if You Try – The Way Out


5th Issue New Voice For Politics

In this Issue
Would You Like Bankruptcy with That? – Is this the end of fast food as we know it?
Everything Costs in Large Amounts – Grabbing hands grab all that they can
Welfare Drug Testing: Pissing Taxpayers’ Money Down the Drain – Government cost savings program costs more than it saves.


4th Issue New Voice For Politics

In this Issue
How to Reduce Debt: Show Me the Savings and I’ll Show You the Money – How being selfish will help others
Do It in the Kitchen, Not the Bedroom – Where to make a difference in politics and improve society
Am I Evil? – A hard rock hard look at the profit motive


3rd Issue New Voice For Politics

In this Issue
Diamonds or Water – Should you use a glass of water or a diamond ring to propose marriage? Marginal utility tells all.
Fair Ball– Something is quite foul in baseball today: a progressive view towards making things “fair”.
Hoo Cares– The majority of young people are ostriches, sticking their heads in the sands of YouTube as political predators are about to jump their bones.

2nd Issue New Voice For Politics

In this Issue
If You Want To Help, Stop Giving Me Free Stuff – The cost of free stuff. Good intentions, bad results.
Down The Drain– How do you know when your economy is going down the drain?
States Fall Victim to Million Dollar Credit Card Style Scam – Introductory rates bamboozle state governments.

1st Issue New Voice For Politics

In this Issue
Why We Need the New Voice For Politics Describes how 18 to 40 year-olds are prevented from becoming involved in today’s political life.
New Voice For Politics Manifesto – Learn how the next generation can shape the political landscape through the New Voice For Politics Institute.
Friends Don’t Let Friends Borrow 16 Trillion Dollars – I want to help, but my limit is 15.9 trillion dollars.
We Need To Talk – Relationship advice for the government


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